“Micaela doesn’t only engage in the standard methods of tutoring. She finds creative ways to work with my son’s individual learning style using visual aids, charts, white boards, or anything else that will make learning both successful and fun!”

“Our daughter had a rough transition and was struggling at her new school. Micaela helped her with her study skills and reading strategies. She easily connected with our daughter. Within a few weeks, our daughter was earning all A’s and B’s. She looked forward to working with Micaela each week as she made learning fun.”

“Our daughter was taught to love learning and was encouraged to push herself in becoming a stronger reader. Micaela instilled hard work and confidence. She was able to elevate our daughter’s levels in reading and offer her tools on how to be a better reader. We are grateful to have had Micaela in her early years of schooling. We are certain they will prove to be life skills for her in years to come.”

“Micaela is not only fully committed to her students, but her positive approace to teaching allowed our child to learn and grow in ways that we never could have imagined. From her impressive background as a Teach For America teacher, she has mastered how to teach children the love for learning.”

“Micaela gave my first-grader a love of reading, and came up with a number of fun and engaging ways to help him organize his thinking and writing. As a result, he is much more prepared for second grade, and beyond.”

“Thank you Micaela for fostering my son’s love of learning. Thanks to you, he loves a challenge and is what I now describe as an ‘ambitious student.’ You have a special talent for making learning fun. Enriching the curriculum to keep pace with an accelerated learner takes a special and tireless teacher. I was and still am ‘wowed’ by what the two of you accomplished together in one short year.”